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Call for Abstracts 

February 25, 2024


You are invited to submit abstracts for InCRECE 2024, which will take place in-person in Hong Kong, from June 1-3, 2024. InCRECE 2024 will bring together a wide network of international researchers, practitioners, and policymakers in early childhood education and development. The review panel is currently receiving abstracts for paper presentations, poster presentations, and symposiums. You can be a co-author in as many presentations as you wish, but you may serve as a presenting author in two presentations at most.

Presentation Submission Guidelines

For paper and poster presentations, please submit abstracts of up to 400 words in English (excluding references) following APA 7th Edition. Submissions must include a title and five keywords.


Symposium submissions must include a symposium abstract (rationale/justification for the topic) of the session (up to 400 words in English, excluding references) and individual abstracts of each of the three/four contributions included in the symposium (also up to 400 words in English, excluding references). The symposium abstract and each abstract should have a title and five keywords.

Please submit abstract here:

  • Title of Paper Presentation

  • Abstract (up to 400 words)

  • References (optional)

  • 5 Keywords

  • Up to 3 Classifications of Research Strands

  • Author Information (Salutation*, First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Affiliation, Country for each author, indicating the Presenting Author/s)

Paper/Poster Presentation

  • Symposium Abstract that summarizes the Symposium 
    Including Title, Abstract, References (optional), 5 Keywords, up to 3 Classification of Research Strands 

  • 3-4 Individual Abstracts, including all Authors’ Information 
    Including Title, Abstract, References (optional), 5 Keywords, up to 3 Classification of Research Strands 

  • Chairperson’s Information 

  • Discussant’s Information (if the Chairperson is not the Discussant) 


The following are the fields you will need to fill for submitting a proposal to InCRECE 2024:

*Salutation (Mr, Ms, Mrs, Dr, Asst Prof, Assoc Prof, Prof)


December 1, 2023

Abstract Submission Opens

February 25, 2024

Abstract Submission Deadline

March 10, 2024

Acceptance Notification

April 5, 2024

Deadline for Payment of Registration Fee

April 15, 2024

Last Day for Cancellations with Refund and Administrative Charge


Once your proposal is received, it will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. Abstract submissions will close on February 25, 2024. You will be notified via email about the outcome of your submission by March 10, 2024


If your submission is accepted, you will be invited to register for the conference by April 5, 2024. In cases where registration has not been completed by the deadline, the corresponding abstract(s) will be removed from the conference program.  

This format allows presenters to give a 20-minute oral presentation (inclusive of Q&A) of their research. The Scientific Committee will review and group the submissions into paper sessions, each of which will include four presentations. Submissions for paper presentation may also be considered for poster presentation, unless the author(s) opt out of this option.

Paper Presentations

This format allows for interactive discussions between presenters and attendees. Presenters must be present during their respective sessions, during the designated time, to respond to the questions of the attendees. 

Poster Presentations

In this format, a Symposium Chair invites 3-4 presenters to share studies focused on a similar topic. The Chair is responsible for coordinating the group and introducing the speakers during the sessions. Towards the end of the session, the different presentations are discussed either by the Symposium Chair or by an invited Discussant.


Submission Types

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