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Global Summit Roundtable

This is a premier roundtable forum uniting early childhood education (ECE) scholars from across the globe. In this landmark gathering, we seek to bridge the geographical and intellectual expanse between the East and West by bringing together world-class ECE scholars to delve into some of the field's most urgent and pressing topics. As the digital era evolves at an unprecedented pace, our youngest learners find themselves at the nexus of traditional education and the burgeoning world of artificial intelligence and digital tools.


This year's roundtable sets the stage for an in-depth, nuanced dialogue—examining how AI and technological advancements are reshaping the landscape of early education. Through interactive discussions and collaborations, we will explore the myriad of opportunities these innovations present, as well as address the complex challenges they pose to educators, parents, and policymakers. We are at the cusp of a new horizon in early education, and the insights garnered from this summit promise to spark meaningful discussions, influence future educational strategies, and inform policy-making processes.


Early Childhood Education in the AI and Digital Age: Challenges and Prospects

3 June 2024

3PM - 5PM

EdUHK Tai Po Campus &
Online on Zoom

Opening Remarks

President John Chi Kin Lee
Open to public !

Register for Online Attendance ONLY 

Guests of Honor

Prof. Ilene R. Berson
Prof. Jennifer Chen
Prof. Lynn Ang
Prof. Matt Bower
Prof. Xiumin Hong
Prof. Philip Hui Li

Chair Professor, Dept. of Early Childhood Education, Faculty of Education and Human Development, The Education University of Hong Kong.

Professor Philip Li is Chair Professor of Early Childhood Education. He previously held leadership positions as Dean of the Shanghai Institute of Early Childhood Education at Shanghai Normal University (SHNU), Program Director (Master) in the Macquarie School of Education at Macquarie University (MQ), and Program Director (MEd) of the Faculty of Education at The University of Hong Kong (HKU). He has extensive and focused research interests in the field of early childhood development and education, spanning developmental cognitive neuroscience, developmental psycholinguistics, early literacy and bilingualism, curriculum and pedagogy, educational policy, school leadership, and teacher education. He has also played a significant role in early childhood education policymaking in Hong Kong and abroad. According to Google Scholar, he has a track record of 293 academic publications, including 234 journal articles, 9 books, 38 chapters, and 12 conference papers. Since 2021, he has been ranked among the World’s Top 2% Scientists by Stanford University. He was recognized as Australia’s research field leader in social work (Social Sciences) by The Australian’s 2024 research magazine.


Dr. Alfredo Bautista
Dr. Jianbin Li
Dr. Weipeng Yang
Prof. Jennifer Chen

Department Chair, Department of Early Childhood Education, Kean University, USA.

Prof. Jennifer Chen earned her doctorate in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard University. She is currently full professor and chair of the Department of Early Childhood Education at Kean University, USA. She is a nationally- and internationally-respected scholar, with a prolific record of publications including three books, co-edited volumes, and numerous refereed research articles. Prof. Chen is also an award-winning researcher, research mentor, and teacher educator, with many distinguished honors and awards bestowed upon her in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the fields of early childhood education and early childhood teacher education. Her current work in the AI area focuses on the intersection of practices and policy related to the use, overuse, and misuse of AI in early childhood education.

Prof. Lynn Ang

Professor of Early Childhood, University College London, U.K.

Professor Lynn Ang is a distinguished academic and renowned figure in the field of Early Childhood Education. Serving as the Pro-Director and Vice-Dean Research at UCL Institute of Education, she plays a pivotal role in advancing the institution's research strategy and overseeing all research-related initiatives. Professor Ang's expertise spans across education system specializing in the interdisciplinary field of early childhood education, curriculum and pedagogy, and international development. With a keen focus on research development and global engagement, Professor Ang oversees the Centre for Doctoral Education at IOE, ensuring the cultivation of academic excellence and impactful research outcomes. Her breadth of knowledge in education systems and early childhood education has made her a sought-after expert in the field, with a dedication to enhancing educational practices and pedagogical approaches. Through her commitment to research ethics and promoting global engagement, Professor Ang continues to make significant contributions to the field of education. Her passion for early childhood education and commitment to advancing research in the field of education and the wider social sciences has solidified her reputation as a respected scholar and leader in academia.

Prof. Matt Bower

Professor, Macquarie School of Education, Macquarie University, Australia.

Professor Matt Bower is at the educational vanguard as an esteemed faculty member at Macquarie University's School of Education. His academic concentration is the pedagogically savvy application of contemporary technologies to enhance learning. With a keen eye towards the future, Professor Bower dedicates his research to exploring the profound potential of Artificial Intelligence, augmented reality, web-based tools, virtual worlds, social networking, immersive virtual reality, 3D design, and printing software, and their applications in nurturing cognitive development and fostering collaborative learning environments. An advocate for critical approaches towards technology-enhanced learning design, his research extends into the realms of teacher education and computing education, examining how educators can integrate innovative technologies into their curricula effectively and creatively. Professor Bower's work in these fields not only contributes to the academic literature but also assists in remodeling education by equipping teachers with the requisite skills and knowledge to adapt to rapidly evolving digital landscapes.  His influence stretches far beyond his immediate academic circle, as his insights help shape the teachers of tomorrow, thereby indirectly touching the lives of countless learners. Professor Bower’s forward-thinking approach ensures that education remains at the cutting edge, aligning with the digital era's ever-changing demands.

Prof. Xiumin Hong

Director, Institute of Early Childhood Education, Beijing Normal University, China

As the Director of the Institute (Department) of Early Childhood Education at Beijing Normal University, Prof Hong has devoted her academic career to the advancement of early childhood education in China. Her research spans crucial areas such as young children’s social and emotional learning, professional development for teachers, and early childhood education and care policy. She is a member of the Kindergarten Teacher Training and Teaching Guidance Committee and a member of the Committee for Early Childhood Education and Care of the Ministry of Education in China. She is also a vice chairman of China National Society of Early Childhood Education and has been an editorial board member for academic journals in the field. Her scientific research is prolific and impactful, leading major projects funded by national bodies, focused on issues like early childhood care and education systems and the allocation of educational resources in the era of new fertility policies. She has published extensively, examining theoretical and practical dimensions of early childhood development, teacher professional growth, and early education policy in China, making foundational contributions to policy and practice.

Prof. Ilene R. Berson

Professor, area coordinator of early childhood programs, and early childhood Ph.D. coordinator, University of South Florida, USA.

Dr. Ilene R. Berson, a Professor of Early Childhood Education at the University of South Florida, is renowned for her interdisciplinary approach, holding affiliate faculty status in Learning Design and Technology, and Qualitative Research. Specializing in ICT for young learners, visual research methods, and cybersecurity, Dr. Berson's work has reshaped early childhood pedagogies through her research on digital play and tangible technologies. Her studies have set new standards in digital resource design and enhanced our understanding of young children's spatial reasoning, problem-solving skills, and computational thinking. Dr. Berson's contributions to cybercitizenship and cyberliteracy have significantly influenced how young students responsibly engage with digital technologies. Her commitment to participatory methodologies and inquiry-based pedagogy has advanced the field, particularly in how children interact with ICT innovations. Recognized globally for her advocacy on children's digital rights, Dr. Berson has influenced policy at the highest levels. As a lead investigator on numerous grants, her work has been pivotal in promoting the well-being and educational outcomes of young children, earning her widespread acclaim and numerous accolades for her dedication to teaching, research, and service in enhancing early learning and global child welfare.

Register for online attendance ONLY


Prof. Hui Li, Philip
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